Exposed Aggregate (2)

Exposed aggregate is one of our most popular finishes because it is low maintenance, has a very hard wearing surface, and a natural look.

This makes it an obvious choice for residential, civil and commercial projects which have large amounts of traffic.

Exposed aggregate is the process of washing of the top layer of cement of freshly laid concrete to expose the pre-chosen aggregate underneath. The aggregate is added to the concrete before it is laid and finished. When the surface of the concrete is at the desired stage, a liquid retardant is sprayed onto the surface of the concrete. Once the concrete is hard enough to be walked on, the top layer is removed from the concrete exposing the aggregates underneath. Nowadays there are many different aggregates to choose from

Coloured cement in exposed aggregate concrete is a very appealing option. Coloured oxides of your choice can be added to the concrete at the time of batching into the concrete agitator truck. When the concrete is exposed the colour, it looks very effective, sspecially when the concrete has been sealed. These colours do vary in price.

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